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Exterminator Matt and his wife, Colette, established Town and Country Pest Solutions in Rochester, New York in 1986.  It seemed a perfect career fit since Matt is the adventurous type and  likes helping people solve  problems.

We were a small operation back then.  Colette, answered the phones, Matt worked in the field and along with their three sons, they learned every detail of the pest control business. The boys grew up and two of them moved on, but middle son, Caleb, decided to stick around.


In 2010, Caleb had an idea that changed our company forever. He convinced his parents to take a gamble and invest a large portion of our scant resources in a bedbug-sniffing dog.

The gamble paid off. Bedbug infestations were on the rise and everyone wanted our dog, Tracker, to find their bedbugs. With Tracker leading the way, our company expanded to meet the growing demand.

After tracking down so many cases, we’ve gotten bedbug pest control down to a science. We have a proprietary treatment that we developed to eliminate bedbugs.  To this day we test continually to make sure that the bedbugs haven’t become immune.

We’ll travel anywhere in New York state and are also licensed in surrounding states for bedbug infestations.

Of course, bedbugs aren’t the only pest we deal with. We handle all types of pest control problems on a regular basis.   We eliminate carpenter ants, termites and any insect in the United States.  We also trap skunks, raccoons, and anything else that might wander by. We’ll take on any pest problem. As our slogan says, “We fear nothing but God.”


We started in residential homes and continue to  have an effective program that will keep properties free of infestation year-round.

We realize that commercial property owners have different considerations.  So, we developed a comprehensive program for their properties that include customer relations and staff training in order to help them in eliminating pests.


Today, we have twenty highly trained, courageous employees who love their jobs. They look forward to whatever challenges that may come their way, be it an infestation of bedbugs or a wandering alligator.

Each technician who enters your home is trustworthy and honest.   Even though our staff continues to grow in numbers we still have that  genuine, family-business personality and you can rest assured that all the staff at Town and Country  are good people  who will treat you kindly and with respect.

We hope to continue to be a family business.  “I always wanted to do everything my Dad did, since I was a little kid,” says Caleb (manager of operations), “and I’m still doing it at Town and Country with my Dad to this day. Now my seven-year-old wants to go to work with me.”


2018 Latta Rd

Rochester, NY


Phone: (585) 426-5024

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