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KILAUEA PEST CONTROL began protecting homes on Oahu in 2002. The company is family owned and operated, and is committed to giving the best in personalized service.

With some of the bigger companies, clients can feel like they are considered just another account number. Our clients have expressed appreciation for the personalized attention they receive from our technicians.

We take pride in our termite and pest control work and provide island-wide service. Some of the most fun we have is on our hardest jobs. It’s those jobs where you can see the biggest difference and provide a more comfortable environment for families and pets.

We started Kilauea with a focus on customer service, specifically quick response to customers when they called us with pest problems. This may sound basic, but we’ve listened to customers’ experience with other companies who had to wait for a returned phone call or wait several days or even weeks for a reservice.

Today, we still do our best to be as responsive to our customers as we possibly can by finding the right mix of green, low impact products and methods while offering superior effectiveness to keep the bugs out of their lives.


Kailua Location

150 Hamakua Dr. #378

Kailua, HI 96734

Phone: (808) 988-7378

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