Smithereen Pest Management Services


Since 1888, Smithereen has been an Industry leader as one of the first pest control companies to offer an Integrated Pest Management approach to pest issues.  Smithereen’s proactive pest control philosophy results in the safest and most effective solutions to pest problems while simultaneously developing long term strategies for sustainable control.

Building relationships with you on a foundation of trust, communication, and results makes Smithereen your expert, consultant, and partner.  As a 4th generation owned company, Smithereen understands what really matters to our clients: time, safety, and security.

Smithereen’s Mission:

  • To provide our clients with reliable and safe pest control solutions delivered with professionalism and honesty.
  • To consistently exceed customer expectations and industry standards.
  • To provide a challenging and opportunistic work environment in order for employees to achieve maximum job satisfaction.


Corporate Headquarters

7400 N. Melvina,

Niles IL 60714

Phone: 1-800-340-1888

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